BJPL Virtual Summer Program
July 14 - August 20, 2020

High School 
Intro to Photobook Making

Evelyse Best

Through my Eyes

Camila Castrillon

For Me, Family is Everything

Luis Freire

My Journey

Isis Glover

The World We Live In

Ryan Gusqui

Mes Amis

Geninah Intoy

Let's Go Walk

Sophia Morales

Captured in Time

Nusrat Rahma

The Photo Gallery

High School 
Community Newspaper

Ian Lau

Amidst these turbulent times, teens are tackling unemployment head-on in their communities

Aissata Barry

Students and Educators Work to Bring Anti-Racist Curriculum and Initiatives into Their Schools

Fanta Diop

The Media Is Important For Any Movement Especially BLM

Vanessa Edwards

How do you feel about the garbage problem in the Bronx?

Awa Fofana

Worries Gez Z Has of Reopening in NYC and A Way They Can Safely Have Fun Outdoors

Melani Garcia

Undocumented and Unemployed during COVID-19

Fritzi Garcia

How Gen Z Feels About the Election So Far

Bryan Monge Serrano

The Fight to Save New York City

Reynaldo Olivera

NYC schools are reopening. How is it affecting our students and teachers?

Chloe Rodriguez

As TikTok becomes an educational tool many are left wondering where will this information go once the ban is in place?

Pamela Rozon

What is going on with the debate to Defund the Police?

Nnyala Stark

The Most Unprotected Person In America

Adanna Taylor

The Dreaded Conversation: BIPOC and Mental Health

Ndeye Thioubou

Dear Colleges The Time Is Now

Hamina Trinh

The Lives of Gen-Z Asian Americans During The Pandemic

Middle School 
Intro to Photobook Making

Gianna Almonte

His Bad Habits

Aminata Camara

Quarantine with my Family

Giavana Maldonado


Lyric Malloy

Eyes Open In Paradise

Helen Molina

My alphabet slide

CJ Nuñez


Stephanie Reinozo

Just some jewelry

Jayleen Torralba

the reason family is important

CaraStar Tyner

And Here Ends The Book of Cara

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