Beyond & Within the Block

This is about the things that built New York and the history behind everything that we see on a regular basis, but don’t understand how important or historical it is. Spending time with my mom was like going back in time with her. Being with her felt like those times were happening in that moment as she explained things in great detail. It was great to see how her life was like before I was born and hear what she had to say.

This is a photo of my mom introducing the sign to Ulysses Grant's tomb. He may only be known as the 18th president or even the man on the 50 dollar bill. However, he also did outstanding work for the United States. He was the union general who helped the United states overthrow the Confederacy.

I’m interested in taking pictures of famous landmarks around Harlem. This is a historical look at Harlem through the eyes of my mom, who offered to be my tour guide. A lot of people don’t really look at Harlem in a historical way. They kind of overlook the deep history and all the things that happened here. So my purpose for doing this project is to shed light on the things that made Harlem. 

“Our time together was very special to me. It felt really good to show you around the city to some things that you maybe have never known were there, and give you a glimpse on my childhood and just a different outlook on the city where you live.” (Mom)

Me: What is your and your family's relationship to Harlem? 

Mom: “Harlem is Harlem. Harlem is where we were all born and raised. It has a lot of significance because we have built businesses in Harlem, we have gone to school in Harlem… Harlem is family.”

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