5ive Deuce

Skateboarding has the ability to bring everyone together. No matter what race, gender, religion, or background, this piece of wood holds a power that makes people feel free. Learning and having fun with friends helps individuals feel like anything is possible in spite of what goes on in their personal lives. Through this difficult year, my friends and I used skateboarding as a way to cope with the stresses of our everyday lives. Some friends have jobs that make them unhappy, others feel lost and hopeless about their future. Yet when we come together and cruise down the streets of New York City, we feel we can do anything. 

My photographs highlight the sense of community I find in my friends. During the pandemic, we spent a lot more time skateboarding together which strengthened the bonds between us. Whether it’s holding conversation, laughing, or hugging each other after landing a trick we’ve been trying all day, my project shows the joy that skateboarding brings and the importance of friendship during tough times.

Julio poses for a portrait at Playground 52 skatepark in the Bronx, NY. April 2021.

Josh draws on a sticker over his board. Bronx, NY. April 2021.

My group of friends plan which tricks they will do next. Bronx, NY. April 2021.

Friends pose for a portrait in the skatepark. Bronx, NY. May 2021.

Julio, Angel, and Charlie posing for a portrait with HunnyDip gear. Bronx, NY. May 2021.

Lu, Founder of HunnyDip, and a skater for HD having a laugh. Bronx, NY. May 2021.

Patrick goes to pick up his board at Jefferson Skatepark in Harlem, NY. May 2021.

Josh looks into the distance while posing with his board at Playground 52 in the Bronx. May 2021.

Two friends at the skatepark share a moment in between their tricks. Bronx, NY. May 2021.

Friends sit by the gate at Playground 52 skatepark. Bronx, NY. May 2021.

Close-up of a friend’s skateboard and shoe. Bronx, NY. May 2021.

A friend rides his bike with his skateboard on top. Bronx, NY. May 2021.

My friends look down a Bronx street at the supermoon. Bronx, NY. May 2021.

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