Life is a wonder, it's spontaneous in what happens to one. Some days your life is bright as the sun. Or it becomes dark like soot. On those days, not much light is visible; your mind becomes shrouded with thoughts in disarray. Incoherent thoughts. 

Thoughts, emotions, pain, and grief are all natural for one to experience. It's part of life, just like the seasons are as well. Some emit a colorful aura, while some exude an achromatic gloom. Two months ago, spring occurred. Spring emits a vibrant ambiance. We should feel happiness from this season. But we still feel the gloom and dread from events like death, fear, and stress. As other people have, I felt these emotions. And, like everyone else, it was unique to me. My goal with this work is to compare emotions with the season of spring. As one can feel the beginnings of jubilation, yet grief still lingers, lurking as it always does.

Spring is one of those seasons that feel warm. The birds start to chirp early. The sun stays up longer, and the streets are lively. The cold bitterness that stings one's soul begins to banjax.

Spring is a season with multiple days in which I can enjoy time with both my father and my dog Chewy. With the sun shining in a way for us to look forward in life. Hopefully, it's on as bright of a path as the sun.

Spring guides joy to us. Right? Friends, family, even pets bring us joy, and we can spend time with them. Especially with this warm temperature we can meet up and enjoy our time together. We can have fun and enjoy this time. Why can't I?

Spring is a season in which color blooms; it's antipodal from the gray and dullness of the cold palette. Right? We can experience the warmth of this season as opposed to the coldness of winter, when the lush greenery can't grow.

Spring represents joy; it reveals the colorful world. It should've been delightful. But instead, it lulls a person. The colors disappeared, and thus melancholy appeared.

Spring brings out the lush greenery of forests and parks. It brings happiness and joy to one. But it's still part of nature, and the reminders are there. With life, there are grim segments. Segments in which one feels lost, in pain, in an abyss. But it's all fine. It's part of life, we can find the light, and it's going to be alright.

Spring brings out the lush greenery of nature. Even though some plants have withered away in the cold. Life moves on, carrying on with its activity of growing. The plants are adapting to the new changes and continuing. Perhaps I can do that?

Spring, it's a season of wonders. It can be colorful, or it can be drab. It can be welcoming, or it can be concerning. One day it can be delightful as the temperature is just right. Next, it can get cold and rainy. 

Spring, a curious season; it can be wholesome or gruesome. But mainly people enjoy spending time with one another in this season. Enjoying games with friends is delightful, the memories that form and the bonds.

Though life may be hideous, atrocious, and even horrendous, there are still moments for one to enjoy. The vivid memories, the colorful experiences, and the odd shapes that you revel in life, those moments avail you of the hardships called life.

Spring is calming at times; the colors are relaxing. The vibes are majestic as you can rest from the calamity known as one's mental state. Spring can help cope with those emotions and those thoughts.

Sunsets are one of those rare times to relax and appreciate nature's warmth, beauty, and grace. It's truly an experience that you will remember vividly. It's a magnificent time to accept life and those small moments that make it heavenly.

Spring is a reminder that though life seems grim, there still is some light. As long as there is light, there is a way out of that misery. Accepting reality and the events can help you, as it helped me.

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