My Family in Quarantine

My project shows you my family following regulations to combat COVID-19 and how we got more experience and understanding of COVID-19. It also shows some ways we changed from the start of quarantine to where we are now. How we dealt with boredom, how we we are stricter on the rules. When quarantine first started, we didn’t know anything. But we got more knowledge of the pandemic because of watching the  news and understanding the seriousness of it. We became more strict, careful, and safe by using hand sanitizer regularly. We now wash our hands all the time, and take showers after going outside. During our time at home in quarantine, we usually watch movies, play games, do homework, and read.

This is a picture of my dad washing his hands; this shows one of the many things we do in order to keep ourselves safe and sanitized

This picture of my brother, sister and dad shows an example of what we do in order to occupy ourselves (in this case, watch TV). We don’t do just this to occupy ourselves during quarantine, we do many other things as well.

This is a picture of my dad reviewing my brother's homework while also talking to someone else. I feel like this is a thing he does to keep himself occupied and to also make sure my brother excels.

This is a picture of my mom making lemonade. I picked this photo because it shows another way that my family keeps themselves occupied and another way to avoid going outside and buying lemonade. 

This picture shows my dad following a COVID-19 safety precautions (wearing a mask). This is also another way we find to keep ourselves occupied: going biking for long periods of time.

This is a picture of my living room. This is a place where lots of events happened and all of them were good for keeping our mind off of the negative aspects of COVID-19. The living room is also where we keep our masks.

This is a portrait of my sister smiling in the living room. I picked this photo in order to show her mood.

This is a self-portrait of me in my sister's room. I took this photo so that viewers know how I look and, eventually (in the later photos), you will see how my brother looks like.  

This is a picture of my mom and dad helping my brother out with his homework in the living room. This picture shows that sometimes all of us will come together for a specific topic and connect more. 

My brother reading his book for school in the living room. I would say the mood of this photo is exhausted because he was reading for quite a long time. 

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