2363 Prospect Avenue

Hi! I'm Rubie and and I love photography because pictures can say a lot of things if you just look at them. My project is about a fire that happened next door to my building. I live in the Bronx. Prospect Avenue, to be exact.

In 2017, a three-year-old child was playing with the stove and it caused a fire. When the kid and the mom left the building, they left their door open and the fire went through the whole first floor. Then the fire started making its way up so the people on the higher floors were not able to escape through the steps. I remember after the fire my home was filled with smoke for a couple of days. 

After the fire, the building had water everywhere. SOMEHOW there were icicles on the rails of the steps. Then again, it was 4 days after Christmas, so. ANYWAYS there were broken windows. It smelt like burnt. Just burnt. I don't really know how the people felt. Why? Because I'm not them. I'm guessing they were sad. But you don't know. They could have been happy. On the day of the fire my mom decided to be kind and give the people all of our old coats. It was 4 days after Christmas. It had to be freezing out there.  (Teehee.)

What I want people to learn from this is: GET STOVE KNOB COVERS. You wouldn't want a child to ruin your home now, would you?

These pictures are of the building where the fire took place. The fire took place right next to my building. The cause of the fire was that an unattended three-year-old was playing with the stove burners..

Emmanuel Mensah was a soldier returning home from the army. On the night of the fire, Emmanual Mensah went in and out of the building multiple times to save those people who were in danger. Emmanual Mensah went in one last time and didn't make it back out. There were 13 people who didn't make it and 14 survivors.

I live very close to the Bronx Zoo. This is a picture of me on my way to the bus stop.

This the wall of the Bronx Zoo. When it rains it smells like monkey poop.

This is the fire escape where many people jumped off of during the fire.

These are both pictures of me hanging out with my sister. In this picture we were at the bus stop across the street from my house.

This was a portrait of my sister. It just shows us being at home since the fire was right next to my building.

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