The People of My Success

Hello there! My name is Jade D. Parks. I am currently 13 and in the 7th grade. My project is about some of the people who have taught me things that will stay with me for as long as I am able to remember. These people are the reason I try my best. They have taught me lessons that will stay with me throughout my growth. This project is important for me because I feel like it’s good to honor or remember the people that have helped make you who you are today. 

This is me! 

I go to ICS and will be finishing my 8th grade year there as well. I probably look the same as I did when I was 5, but I have changed as a person. I learned many things about myself, both the easy way and the hard way. One thing I learned about myself was the type of people I should be friends with. That was something I learned the hard way. It’s good to find people that you feel comfortable with and you feel yourself around. It helps you feel closer to them. Finding similarities with your friends can make them feel more like family than friends. I learned that I feel best being myself. It’s great to have at least the tiniest bit of self confidence. I feel like myself and it truly makes me a happier person. It may be hard, but try it!

This is my grandmother.

I call her my Lita. My Lita is a hard working woman, much like all the women in my family. She takes the role of the caretaker in my family. She cooks for the family, as well as other things. She has taught me to be self-confident. She tells me “camina con la cabeza alta,” which means “walk with your head high.” Another thing she tells me is “como el mundo es tuyo,” which means “like the world is yours.” She teaches me to love myself and to do what helps me as long as it's safe and does not affect your relationship with school. She also teaches me how to cook every so often. Whenever she sees I’m curious, she shows me a new recipe that ends up being delicious. She supports me when I choose to bake and always suggests for me to try something new. Another thing my grandma taught me is sewing. Every so often I would find her sewing something around the house. It was very interesting and I eventually learned that sewing wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was. 

This is my grandpa.

I call him my Lito. He is the man of the household. He is a very hard working man. He is the “repair man” and “builder” of the family. He has taught me that anything you put your mind to is possible. Something I inherited from him is the love for older dated music. He has also taught me to be careful whenever in the streets with people. He says “be attentive,” to make sure that I am safe. Something I used to do with my Lito is sit in the car while my Lita was shopping and count how many airplanes pass in that amount of time. We also used to lay down together and watch cartoons like “Scooby Doo,” “Ben Ten,” “Samurai,” and “Tom and Jerry.”  We would never get bored and enjoy the time together. Another thing that he would do is pick me up from school and take me to his workplace. While he worked on a furniture piece for a client, I would sit at the table and try to sew something together. Once, I had the intention of making a glasses pouch for my mom, but never seemed to finish it before it got lost. 

This is my mom.

She is a very hard working woman. She works for everything she earns, and is always there to help a loved one. Something she taught me is to work for everything that you earn. Earning things is an accomplishment. Once you’ve worked for something that you want, you feel accomplished and can say, “I did that!” Another thing my mom has taught me is to always speak up. She knows me very well and knows that I am a very shy person meeting new people. She has taught me this because she knows that I won't do anything when it's a moment I should. She tells everyone to say something when I’m uncomfortable. My mom also has taught me the value of life. She has taught me that not everyone has what I have, and that some have a lot less. She has taught me to be grateful for what I have. My mom has also taught me to be respectful and to always say “Thank You.” She has also taught me to always be nice and smile at people. She taught me that because she once said, “You don’t know what others are going through at home.” My mom has taught me that life is beautiful, even if it isn’t at that moment in time. Something me and my mom would do is have “Mom and Daughter Dates” where we would go out and enjoy the day together.

This is Ms. G. 

She is my current science teacher. She, of course, has taught me science. Ms. G has taught me to go for it. Usually I end up having conversations with her about wanting to play basketball. She tells me to go for it and try it out. She has also taught me that I am very interested in learning about science. She has helped me discover that I would love to continue learning more about science. She has taught me how to always have a way to back myself up and have reasoning to defend myself.     

This is Mr. B. 

He is my current ELA and home room teacher. He has taught me to be confident about myself. He always walks in with great outfits and always has self confidence. Mr. B has also made me realize that I write a lot. Sometimes when I get the wrong answer, he gives me constructive criticism and ways to fix my answer correctly. He has always helped me when getting an answer slightly wrong so that I don’t feel awkward about it afterwards.

This is Ms. Frazier. 

She is my current Social Studies teacher. Ms. Frazier has taught me, of course, social studies, and that history is very interesting. She has taught me that there are always various sides to a story. She shows us that there are always different people that have different opinions and that it's okay to disagree.

This is Ms. O. 

She was my former science teacher in 5th grade. She has taught me that science may be very complex, but it is fun. Ms. O has also made me discover my obsession with making handwritten notes. She has also taught me Math before. She made me remember that Math isn’t as easy and succinct as it may be. 

This is Ms. Nunez. 

She used to be my former 5th grade teacher. She used to teach me social studies and ELA. She has taught me to reach for the stars. I had wanted to start a “Project” within the school and she supported the idea. She has always thought  that I have what it takes to do what might seem impossible. She is a very supportive person and will help you with anything. I also think that Ms. Nunez made me realize that I enjoy making handwritten notes. Ms. Nunez has also taught me to have confidence. She tells me to start questions with “I know the answer is...” because it’s guaranteed to be right.

This is the Bronx Documentary and the area around the Immaculate Conception School. 

This place has taught me that everyone is different. This place has also taught me that you can still find beauty in the gloomiest of days. It has taught me that everyone feels like a community that is always there to help.

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