My Little Brother and Cousin Growing

My little brother Jaxon is two and my little cousin is one. They love to play with each other and have fun together. They are very clingy when it comes to me. I love to watch them because they are very active. They are consistently running or playing tag. They are also very fun when it comes to taking pictures. My little brother loves to go in his own poses and when he hears that I'm done taking the picture he says, “ let me see, let me see.” My little cousin loves music. You can put almost any song and she will try to sing. She also likes to talk a lot even though she is one. She also loves Christian music like Jaxon. My little cousin and Jaxon have a lot in common and that's why they love being together and this is why I love to watch them.

My brother is about to take his nap. That is why he has his pacifier and blanket. If he doesn’t have those two things he would not sleep.

My brother woke up from his nap and is having his milk. He loves milk a lot.

This is one of Jaxon's favorite faces to make and I call it "cutest form." I call it this because he looks very cute when he does it.

Here is where I tried to catch him using his tablet. But at the last second he looked up and made a face. 

Here is his favorite spot to look out the window. He loves to see the cats and trees outside. It’s his favorite.

In this picture he was about to go lay down for a few minutes because he wanted to. 

My dad, brother, and I were about to go to get Jaxon's favorite pizza. I got a picture of them holding hands going down the steps.

Jaxon sat on the bench while he was waiting to get his favorite juice (apple juice).

Here was when Jaxon was waking up and my mom was giving him lots of kisses.

Here was when Jaxon was using his tablet while making a funny face.

In these three pictures, Jaxon and Miley were hanging out while they played with toys and listened to music.

Here Miley was borrowing and using Jaxon's tablet while Jaxon was using my phone.

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