Outside COVID

This project is about what I do during the pandemic other than staying at home. It is important to me because this lockdown has changed my life. I used to be able to see my friends everyday when going to school, and now that I am able to go out again I wanted to treasure these short memories that I am able to have. 

Many places have shut down due to COVID so we aren’t always able to find a place where we can sit down and just talk. That is why sometimes we go to restaurants or food courts so we’re able to sit there for a while and enjoy our time together. Some of the friends that were able to come out are Jacob, Joshua, Ajay, and Cynthia. Some of them plan on coming out again when one of our friends, Iley, comes back to New York so we can all hang out together. 

Food is very important to all of us so we usually like to go to food courts and malls with new restaurants that we’ve never tried before. Even if there isn’t any special food place that we go to, we always eat something when we go out like snacks or a family diner nearby. We also enjoy walking around the neighborhood and window shopping at times. When we go out we like to dress up special since we don’t have the chance to do that anymore because of COVID.

I was hanging out with one of my friends, Ajay. We went to a little bubble tea cafe. On the wall there was text saying, “wish you were you here,” referring to our other friends that weren’t able to make it.

I started being friends with Joshua online during the pandemic. And, when it was finally safe enough, Joshua, Jacob, Cynthia, and I went to hang out at the mall. I decided to put eyeliner on him and took a close-up portrait of him. I really like how I was able to capture the lighting on his mask and how the shadows contrasted with the highlight. Joshua enjoys watching anime and is overall a very funny guy.

Jacob was one of the first friends I made when I went to middle school. It was really nice being able to see him in person again after almost a year. Although I was still able to talk to him online during the pandemic, it was more fun hanging out with in person. Jacob has a hobby of drawing and takes good care of his image. He is an enjoyable person to be around and I’m glad I’m friends with him.

A portrait of Ajay at the pink bubble tea cafe. I also started talking to him during the pandemic. He’s interested in technology and stocks and he thinks and works like a businessman which I think is a very good trait to have. 

All four of us took a picture next to this castle at the Disney Store. It was one of the first few stores we visited at the mall because Jacob, the one in back, suggested it. 

Joshua and Cynthia playing rock paper scissors in the mall.

I got to know Cynthia through the pandemic. She’s a really sweet and funny person. She also enjoys watching anime and we often watch it together online. She rarely comes out and because she was able to hang out with us it was pretty special. I’m glad I got to know her. 

I was hanging out with my friend Ajay and we got ice cream. They were both matcha flavored ice cream with mochi.

The drinks me and Ajay got at the bubble tea cafe. I got the drink on the left which was passion fruit green green tea with aloe jellies and Ajay got a plain bubble milk tea. 

Me and Ajay enjoying our drinks and each other's company. We are talking about how it would've been more fun if everyone else in our friend group was able to come out. 

What I ate during lunch when I was hanging out with Ajay. It’s beef chops on rice with onions, a mini salad, and garlic bread on the side.

Cynthia, Jacob, Joshua, and I are eating at the mall. Everytime I hang out with my friends, no matter where we are, we always eat. I brought out some snacks and chocolate to share. It was also Joshua’s, the guy on the far left, first time trying a marshmallow. 

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