Bike Lane Safety

My project is about bike lane safety, and the difference between roads and car lanes to bike lanes. You can also say it's about bike safety because bike lanes are needed for it to be actually be safe to ride it on the lane/road. 

You're probably wondering why I would pick this project from other many things I could had chosen. One day, in the afternoon, I was riding my bike with my family in a public park. A kid was swirling when he was riding his bike behind me he eventually hit my bike, almost making me fall. That made me stop and think: what if that happened on a bike lane? Somebody could had gotten seriously hurt. I want people to learn the importance of your safety and always be aware of what's around you or you can hurt other people or yourself. I think bike lanes need to be bigger for people and bikes around you, so you can ride their bike peacefully without worrying about hurting or hitting anybody. 

This is my aunt, she is the one who helped me make my interview. She has a son that is 4 years old and rides a bike. She lives in Brooklyn, New York and is the one of the best aunts I could ever ask for.

This is my mom. We were in Tibetts Park taking some pictures around the field where people play most sports and have games.

This is my grandma from my father's side. She has trouble riding her bike so she can’t ride it correctly. We went to Tibetts Park to help her ride it.

This is an example of how big roads are, so big that the lane can be a bike lane for one biker in each space.

These two photos are pictures of a kid and adult on their bikes. I was in Flushing Meadows Park for a school gathering and decided to take some pictures.

I took this photo when I was in Tibetts Park. It shows two bikes in front of each other, representing how bikes would look like when they are about to crash for going the same way in front of each other.

This picture shows where I play soccer (the field) but also the little road that is sometimes blocked by the gate. The road can fit a car and anything smaller than a car. If you ever are riding your bike there and the gate is closed you have to go through the side of a hill right next to the baseball field. The hill is steep so you have to be careful not to fall or you'll probably roll down the hill.

This picture shows the baseball field, which is next to the soccer and football field. The stop sign says ‘Do Not Enter’ but people probably thought it meant something else since a bunch of people walk across the field, road, and lane like it's not bad to do it.

This photo shows how many people use their bike in a public park. It also shows that they ride their bike to other places.

This photo shows a picture of my favorite hill to go down on in Tibetts Park. It's probably the longest hill in the park.

This is probably my favorite photo out of all of them. It's really cool since it looks like you put a camera on your head while bike riding. It also shows one of the long hills in Tibetts Park. 

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