Grandma and Her Ancient Plants

My project is mostly about the history of my grandma's ancient plants, as she calls them. The project is important to me because plants are one of the reasons that people thrive and live. I chose this topic because in my grandma's house she has a lot of them. I took detailed shots, wide shots, and portraits of them. 

All of these plants are at my grandma’s house. I’ve been living with her since I was about 4 years old. We live in the South Bronx. She’s been growing herbs for the past two years, sometimes successfully and other times she has to try again. She grows all her plants from seed. On April 5th, 2021 she planted new seeds. I’ve been taking photos of them and watching them grow.

This is my grandma holding her big plant. She was relaxing before I took this photo.

Malachite and I have a friendly, playful, and sneaky relationship. 

This is my grandma’s old plant in the distance. She had to hang it up on the walls because it grew a lot.

This is my uncle's turtle. She's the reason my grandma can't put her plants on the floor because she'll either bite them or crush them and dig the soil up like a dog.

This is a bunch of green peppers my grandma planted. She got the idea from her sister because she has one that produces little bell peppers.

This is my grandma's lucky bamboo. It grew a lot and my grandma got rocks and an elephant shaped vase.

My grandma can't cook with them yet because they are still too small to harvest.

My grandma calls this her lucky halo. It's that brand of seedless mandarin oranges that are small and sweet. 

She got an herb planting kit last Christmas and wanted to use them this year to see if they would grow.

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