Jordan Vs. The Pandemic

Kids love to hangout with their friends. They also love to go outside. It has always been that way, until now. In the spring of 2020, a new threat emerged from the shadows called the “Coronavirus.” This led to people staying indoors and separated them from their loved ones. Many kids became less productive and energetic. Today, most children stay home playing video games like Warzone and Fortnite, while others play board games, have movie nights, and sometimes play outside. My 10-year-old brother, Jordan, has been doing everything in his power to keep himself entertained for the past year and a half.

At the start of the pandemic, Jordan was fatigued. He felt unmotivated to perform normal tasks. Since Jordan couldn’t see his friends or other family members, he mostly played video games on his Xbox One. Jordan often played with my sister and me, as well as other family members.

As days went by with the help of Gatorade, video games, and family activities, Jordan began to feel less sad and his spirits steadily improved. Slowly throughout the pandemic, Jordan’s energy became replenished.

My brother has been asking everyone in the family to play video games with him. He has also been attending virtual classes with the other 5th graders from his school. During his virtual school classes, Jordan was able to secretly set up after-school video game sessions with his classmates.

This very difficult year brought many kids like Jordan into deep depression and sadness due to the lack of social interaction. But my brother’s experience shows that with the power of  technology and family fun time, that depression can be helped with positivity and love. 

Jordan on Google Meets for class. May 2021.

Jordan completing his classwork. May 2021.

Jordan playing Xbox. May 2021.

Jordan playing games all night. May 2021.

Jordan plays with WWE action figures when he’s not busy with schoolwork. May 2021.

Jordan is frustrated because he is losing at Uno. May 2021.

Jordan playing Uno with his sister, Anastasia. May 2021.

Jordan rests between playing video games and doing homework. May 2021.

A closeup of Jordan’s hands on his Xbox controller. May 2021.

Jordan poses for a portrait. May 2021.

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