Little Entrepreneurs

My entire family was trapped inside the house because of quarantine. We were bored and had nothing to do other than work and school. So we went shopping and found something that stopped our boredom. We saw this as a sign to get up and use our creativity. It was all over my mom’s social media and her friends were enjoying this newfound experiment…so we hopped on the train as well.

This is our main focus. These cards come straight from our imaginations with the help of our craft machine, the CriCut. My mom and I started this business with low expectations and we’ve gotten so far with where we are now.

This is the Cricut where all the magic happens. It cuts cards and allows you to make little details. 

My mom is starting to input my designs and other templates into the program.

I draw and come up with the designs. I always loved drawing so this was fun. 

This is my mom who started all this. We all loved arts and crafts and she got this business started.

She has friends who do the same thing and they get ideas from each other.

This has really helped for our mental health during quarantine and for our creativity. This was not a waste of time as we originally thought. We’ve had so much fun so maybe you should try doing something that you’ve always thought of doing, too. 

This is where we keep all the materials.

We really enjoy this and we’re happy with what we are doing.

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