Life After COVID-19

The introduction of COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. We've experienced loss, pain, and constant questions that are running through our head. I'm sure one of them is, when is this going to end? When are we going to get our normal back? When can I hug, shake hands, fall in love, and feel like I’m involved in society again? What is even going to be normal after COVID-19? Through my photos, I hope to explore this abstract idea. I hope to show the unity of the people and the spaces we left behind.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

I was at the park walking around and enjoying the rare fresh air. The children were running and laughing and having the time of their lives. Then it hit me that these kids probably don’t know what is going on in the world, they probably think that wearing masks and staying apart is normal to them. It made me pity them because for the time being they won’t be able to enjoy the intimacy of a hug to a new friend or even a hand shake. It made me question their future and how this might change future generations. 

Portrait of a Muslim woman coming back from work. The sun was just so beautiful that day and I wanted to remember and appreciate the small things. 

I met a couple while I was taking photos. They seemed so close and  connected even during this crazy time.

"There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature—the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter." - Rachel Carson. 

This is a photo that to me represents freedom. We're always cooped up at home onscreen, but I feel like people have started to realize the importance of nature. I hope this continues even after COVID-19 is long gone.

My brother and I went on a walk after staying home for a week. My brother is not a social butterfly. He prefers to stay home rather than go to school. He doesn't like the negative consequences that COVID has caused for people but he does enjoy the fact that he is comfortable and has more control of what he wants when he is home. My brother hopes that after COVID-19 is over they still give the option of staying home.

On a walk admiring the beauty in ugly places.

This baby reminds me of the saying that innocence is bliss. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to enjoy the time now before the hardship starts. At the same time, I know that when we do get through COVID we will all look back with bittersweet smiles of getting through it, but the prices we had to pay were high. 

The light always shines through, even in the darkest of places.

During COVID-19, a lot of small businesses have struggled to make ends meet. It makes me think of the little people and what they had to endure. The pandemic has shined a whole new light on the struggles of small business, and I’m sure this will continue on even after it is gone.

Expectations are either met or we get disappointed. Just like the expectation 2020 was going to be the best year yet. But sadly for most of us that wasn't the case. COVID-19 has caused a lot of us to have our morals tested and, for some, changed. How is that going to affect the future generations? How is this going to affect us?

The future is always interchangeable. When we think it’s going left, it goes right instead. All we can do is sit back and go with the flow, and, when we are thrown off, we just get back up and walk. And hope that the future is not as bleak as it looks.  

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