Old Childhood Memories

My project is about my neighborhood, near Wakefield in the Bronx, and the memories I had there. I want to show my childhood nostalgia and the uniqueness of mine back in the early 2000's. Since then all of my friends have moved out of my neighborhood, but I still have memories from when we lived near each other. I still walk through these same places today.

I want people to look at my photos and think back to their childhood when they were in elementary. Remember the times they would hang out with their friends after school, how they would ask their neighbor for ice cream or how they would secretly walk their friends home even though they weren’t supposed to. I want them to wonder about how their childhood is different or even how it's the same as mine.

“Since we lived so close we could visit each other more and go to each other’s houses and socialize. If we weren’t neighbors, we wouldn’t be able to do that. And since we moved we don’t talk as much.” - Joanne 

These are the memories of my neighborhood and childhood. I would wake up everyday, get dressed and go to school. I would leave my house and see my neighbor. We would hang out and talk to each other all the time. Most of the time we would walk to school together.

She lived across the hall from me. We sometimes sat behind each of our doors and talked to each other when we couldn’t leave the house.

On snowy days we would run past here and play in the snow. We would have snowball fights. It was so much fun.

We would walk past her on the way to school, but there was always a dog here. The dog would always bark at me and scare me.

I would walk past this house and always see my best friend Emily. She would always say “Hi” to me when I walked by and we would have a drawing contest at lunch.

Before and after school I would hang out with my friends and play in the park, even though I wasn't allowed to.

Sometimes I would walk by the store and get bullied, but I liked going to school so it didn't bother me too much.

I would walk home with my neighbor and her dad would buy us ice cream. I would always get chocolate and she would get the strawberry dip. Except for the time we switched flavors.

In second grade I brought a plum seed from school and my mom let me plant it here, although it never grew. I named it “plumy, plumerika.” I don't walk there much any more because everytime I walk on that side of the street I see a dead bird.

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