My Part of Harlem

My project is about Harlem and what you see here. I'm photographing the neighborhood, its people, and the nice things they do for each other. I am photographing this because I think it's very interesting and want to share this with people who have never really been to this side of Manhattan. It's important to me because I've stayed here since I was 6 and I have met a lot of people and seen a lot of Harlem. I love that Harlem is a kind community and I love that there is always someone to help you when you need it, and that the people in the blue store always know exactly what sandwich you want when you walk in.

This is a big block where a lot of stuff happens and people meet up here a lot because that's the Hexagon, a fancy bar, and the coffee shop.

This is the other side of the block where the people I know are mostly at. It's one of my favorite parts of Harlem, other than St. Nick Park. This is where my house is and where I go after school. When I don't want to go upstairs straight away, I sit on the bench outside the juicery. 

This is a memorial that has been there for years and changes every week. I'm not really sure why it's there, but it looks pretty.

This is a ‘Take a Book, Leave a Book’ mini house that people put up for kids to read more. I remember when I first saw it, I ran to get my bookbag and grabbed a book I had finished. Then I replaced it with a different book. Then my mom said to put both books back for kids who have no books so there can be more. I was sad at first because I just lost a book but now I understand it. (Yes, it can close!)

I saw this picture on the side of the mailbox. This is Kristen R Jordan and she is running for City Council. 

People have shoveled people's cars out of snow, paid for people's groceries, and lowered prices for people. They also have carried bags for people, and all of this stuff was for free. I love that in Harlem everyone knows everybody and I know all the people that live in my building. Where I'm at in Harlem it isn't a very tight community really but it's a nice one.

This is the tree box. It's been here for a long time. People take their dogs over here and go here for shade. Sometimes I ride my scooter around it 

This is the Chinese restaurant my dad always takes me to. They have the best food, in my opinion, and it's an easy walk from where I stay. 

This is a busy photo with people and their families driving their cars. This is how Harlem usually is when it's a little busy. And there are lots of dogs with their owners around here usually. 

This is a big rock. When I was little, it was a mountain to me and my brother. Kids we saw at the park would always have competitions and climb it.

These are people on the basketball court at the park where I always am. People at the court are the funniest when they are mad from not getting the ball in the hoop .

This swing set is a big part of my life in Harlem because I'd kill to go on it. My phone cracked while I was on the swing once and I was devastated. 

This is Moe. He is one of the workers at the blue store. He is the nicest one there. He is from Morocco. 

This is the infamous blue store that I go to everyday of my life. The people who work in this store have seen me grow up since 2015. They always know what sandwich I want depending on what time of day it is. I was at the store with my brother once and we were getting a lot of snacks (like at least 20). When we went up to pay for it, this kind girl said, "Put your money away." She paid for it and my brother and I were so confused and were like, "It's okay. It's a lot of stuff and it's fine." She said, "It's ok," and that this year she was trying to do nice things for people. We were her first act of kindness that year. This is my favorite memory because it shows me how nice people in my community are. I still haven't seen this lady since then.

I want people to understand that my project isn't the full experience of Harlem that and there are more good and bad things that you can't capture with just one photograph. I want people to take away that Harlem is also a nice community and the people are very close. This is how I see Harlem through my eyes. 

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