Staying Active During Quarantine

This is a short story of my family and I while staying active during quarantine. In this short story I show how grateful and thankful I am that these people are in my life.  

Before quarantine I did what I do best, which is stay athletic. I’m on a leader board for soccer. We are the top contestants for a tournament. Despite being in quarantine I kept it going. 

This is my family.  My sister is chilling on the couch watching a movie, my father is working on his computer drawing blueprints. I play my PS4. 

This is me and my sister.  Lately during quarantine we have been fighting and then getting back together. We always take care of each other when we need each other.

This is my mom doing the best she can to be a perfect mom. She always supported me in academics and sports. 

This is my uncle who is helping my dad in the backyard. 

These trophies represent my hard work and hard earned achievements in life. 

I really miss the outdoors. 

About Brandon Carchipulla

My name is Brandon Carchipulla and I just graduated from Immaculate Conception School. I really like photography because I like to take pictures of different cultures

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