Circling Thought

I’ve been walking around my house and have been observing my surroundings. I have been noticing details that I have not in the past. Although quarantine makes me feel limited and trapped, it might also be a source of protection from the outside world with all of its chaotic behavior. I wanted to capture the average day I would journey on and my life in quarantine. I also try to question my choice of going outside, due to major events going on in our current time.

We are trapped in quarantine. I miss being outside. 

The sun is out there.  In here, it feels dark and grim. 

"May 5 - My name's Dylan. While in this journey of Quarantine, it has had its ups and downs. It's hard to manage a schedule when there's so much to do, like watch TV or play games. Another saddening factor is how it isolates you from family and friends. Graduation, a moment to look forward to, is ruined, and taking place virtually. However, being locked up has helped me to gain a stronger bond with my Mom and pets as well as to not take life for granted. :)"

The TV is one of the only sources that brings happiness out of me.

Due to the deadlines of all the work, time has been a main concern. I try to keep a steady pace.

The bread represents my eating, which I’ve been doing a lot in quarantine. It’s in a pan - I put it with the fork and knife to express my creativity.

We are trapped in the house. It’s not often we get to go outside. We are limited on supplies like toilet paper and food.

I thought that the flag represented happiness and freedom for all, but with the recent events I can’t tell otherwise. 

Do I really want to be outside? 

About Dylan Velez

My name is Dylan, I’m 13 years old and recently graduated the 8th Grade from Immaculate Conception School. I’m interested in photography because photos are able to capture very memorable moments in life. I also love solving puzzles and sleeping.

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