Living the Interior Life

 My name is Fritzi Garcia, and I’m currently a senior student at the Bronx Documentary Center. I have worked on several projects throughout my photography school years, but this has been the most significant one that means a lot to me. Throughout this pandemic my whole mindset changed from point A to point B, meaning I was living in a small bubble and it burst when reality hit me. My family was affected the most throughout this crisis. I remember the days I was locked up in my room for 2 months because they were diagnosed with COVID-19. Those months I had all types of vibes, depression, anxiety, excitement and joyful. The days I felt like crap I did small things to distract myself such as playing with my dog, taking a walk, drawing and even cooking! White rice plays a big role in my life now. Whenever I make it, it reminds me of the days that my family was sick and I only had rice and eggs to cook for them because we couldn’t go outside, and it was the only thing that I knew how to cook. My family was too weak to do anything, so it was up to me to take charge for once.

As months went by, my family started to recover and little by little they started to go back to their daily activities. I remember seeing my parents building my new drawers for my room, and in that exact moment I felt so content because I knew that everything was going back to normal and I knew my family was healthy and alive! I try to spend more time with my family now and make every second count because I know that tomorrow isn't a promise.

A mini photo shoot on Mother’s Day.

Max keeping my mom company while she gets her daily rest. May 11, 2020.

Max and I taking our daily walk. May 31, 2020.

 The only view I saw for 2 months. May 11, 2020. 

Prepping rice for my family meal. 

May 12, 2020.

My dad using his painting skills to redecorate the kitchen. May 30, 2020.

My parents working as a team to build new drawers for my room. June 2, 2020.

My mom taking a minute to think about how grateful she is to be active again. June 2, 2020.

First time stepping foot in Barretto Point Park. May 31, 2020. 

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