Bored In Quarantine

Ever since we started social distancing I feel as if I’m trapped. At school, we would always say that we wanted to go home or that we didn’t want school to be open. We never really meant it. Now that I’m not around people my age or other girls it’s frustrating. I miss joking with my friends. I miss lunch because it’s hilarious and we spend time together. At home everyone is busy and we still have a schedule that we have to stick to. It can be difficult to stay in communication.

This altar has important objects to us because they have been given to us by friends and family. Some of the objects represent significant times of our childhood.  

My cousin gave this to me when she came for the first time from Mexico.

This is a time in quarantine when I decided to do my hair. I felt like taking a photo. 

About Heidi Calderon

My name is Heidi and I am in the 8th grade. I like photography because I can express many emotions with the pictures I take.

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