Imagination Gone Wild

Now in quarantine, you can’t really do much with people but imagine. You can only talk to those who live with you in person and those through your screens. You can only imagine all the fun things you could be doing. I miss doing those things too. Now, I look at old family pictures and remember how much fun I had. Now, I can make imaginary people and even imagine myself with one of my favorite celebrities or artists. I can also imagine myself as the things I want to be when I grow up. Even though we can’t really be outside with nature I can bring nature to me by taking pictures of plants or even drawing on the pictures.

Journal Entry

June 3, 2020

During quarantine I have come up with new ideas for painting and drawing. So far I have been lucky to come up with ideas and present them. My project had helped me to learn that photography and art go together perfectly and everything can be art if you put your mind to it. 

About Jade Delilah Parks

My name is Jade and I am 12. I am going into the 7th grade and I go to ICS. I am interested in photography because it’s like another art to me. It also shows that anything you do or make is art.

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