The LGBTQIA community is a very important part of my life. With the pride parade being shut down this year, I realize how much this  COVID-19 pandemic has impacted me. With these photos I want to still show the LGBTQIA community. I want to show my version of pride while being stuck in quarantine and how I am surrounded by my community through photography. These photos show myself and objects in my house that each are significant and meaningful to me. The LGBTQIA community is something I’m very proud and passionate about and I want to share this with everyone through my lens. It also ties into BLM , the Black Lives Matter movement, as it is still something that people continue to judge because they don’t understand people that are different than them--which translate into trans and gay Black people still being murdered in 2020.

These two images were taken of me when I was in Philadelphia for a music camp in summer 2019. The camp embraced the LGBTQ community.

This is art that we made to represent our band we called Androgynous Dragons. This is hanging in my room as a reminder of my experience at the camp. May 14, 2020.

These photos were taken of me when I went to a movie screening about voguing, and the life of people who vogue, and how the LGBTQ ties into it in summer 2019. This was the first time that I celebrated and was out during pride month, which made this a very special year.

This is a sticker that I got at the first pride parade I went to in 2019.

This is a troll doll that I have. It this represents LGBTQ community to me because it is the colors of the pansexual flag. I’ve had this for about five years and I realize how much meaning this item holds now.

These two images were taken during a Black Lives Matter protest in front of the Stonewall Inn, a historic place in LGBTQ history. The people here were not only embracing Black lives, but also the LGBTQ community. Being there and protesting makes me feel like I’m helping and I’m actually contributing. I feel that everybody should be protesting if you’re able to; the fact that you’re present is very important. June 2020.

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