I’m Paola, a 12-year-old poet. I don't write poetry that often, only when my mind is flooding with emotion. That's part of the reason it's so significant to me. I just want people to see that poetry isn't just a bunch of words on a paper. It's a way to express yourself. No matter how metaphorical or simple it is, it's your emotions that you're conveying.

In “At Night,” I was expressing a feeling of gratitude that sadly not everyone can see, because it only exists in my mind. It was me thinking about all the things I have had, and will have, and how I am thankful for all of it. 

  “That Feeling of Love” was an old poem I wrote for a friend, but then became a poem about the trust I once had for cops. After all these years of police brutality, I lost my faith in police. I know that not all cops are bad, but after watching all of these murders happen, I just don’t feel the same respect and trust I had for them. I feel nothing but fear and disgust. 

Photography is another way to express yourself. You can use pictures in a metaphorical way, but when paired with words, it comes out more powerful. Creative expression is important because it shows the you inside you.

"At Night" by Paola Soto

At night, I think about what could have been mine

Every single sacrifice I’ve made for them
Everything I’ve lost

Just to get here

At night, i think about what i want
I dream of meeting the people who help
I dream of seeing my friends again
I dream of being able to live what i took for granted

At night, i think about my own world
The people i created
The events that never really happened
The stories that were never told

And finally when the time is right
I sleep

“That Feeling of Love” by Paola Soto

Love is a complex emotion
It connects people in ways we can’t describe

It’s more than just a bunch of chemicals in your brain
It’s more than just “i love you”

It’s that feeling of your heart beating every time you hear or see their name
It’s that feeling of loving every flaw and imperfection they have 
It’s that feeling of missing their laughs and hugs when they are gone
It’s that feeling of wanting to defend and protect them in every way possible
It’s that feeling of simply loving them

Because they understand you
They actually get it
They love you

Or at least
You think they do

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