Pandemic Scrapbook

This project is about how life has been during the pandemic on different days.
 It is the start, the middle, and the end, and how things have changed along the way. This is my big book telling a story with pictures. When I usually think of a scrapbook, it’s big and pink, but this one is in black and white. During the coronavirus, your throat could feel weird and you might be sick and bored. The 100th day has passed.

About Savannah Juste

My name is Savannah and I’m in the 6th grade. I like that in photography you don't just learn how to take pictures, you learn about the community and the buildings you see. In the photographs you could see things you wouldn't normally notice. Online photography has kept me productive during quarantine through taking pictures and interviews. I also found out that my boiler room was much bigger than I thought because I went down there as a part of the time to explore our house

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