The Light In The Darkness

I hope that my piece can show you that you can still have fun even in times like these. My step-dad and I went to the roof of my building to take some pictures. As many of you may think we were not supposed to be up there. He was telling me to hurry up so we don’t get arrested. It was kind of funny thinking about what happened. I can imagine the people that were looking everywhere trying to find out who was yelling back and forth. When I looked off the edge I saw some people who were trying to find us. I guess that this shows you that pictures can have a funny origin. I feel like these pictures show that we can still express ourselves even when we don’t have some of the same materials that we are used to having. Many people may think that they can’t be happy while a lot of events are not so great around them. So I hope my piece inspires people to stay positive.

About Sophia Morales

My name is Sophia. 
I’m going into the 9th grade and I like photography because it allows me to express myself in a different way.

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