The Lives of the Working

This project is about the lives of workers and working families. I have decided to share this story, because I believe that the lives of working families can sometimes be overlooked. I also want to show the side of people that have to work from home. I wanted to do this because for a lot of people finding a place and environment to work with kids and other family members can be challenging. I decided to talk to my mom and my friend for this project to hear a different perspective. I first chose my mom because normally she never works from home and has an office job. I wanted to see how she liked and was adjusting to working from home. I also wanted to talk to my friend Chloe because she goes to a boarding school away from her family. I wanted to know how she managed doing school from home without her classmates, but instead with her family. 

My mom, Michele Moorman, working from home. 

Chloe Barton, a longtime friend, is in the 8th grade. 

A self-portrait in my room. I just graduated from the 8th grade in a virtual ceremony.

I wanted to photograph the lives of essential workers because I think that the media can glorify how easy and simple it is to stay home and social distance, but for a lot of people it isn’t. For many people the only way to provide and support their family is by going out and putting themselves at risk. I wanted to show people the hard work that essential workers put in everyday. 

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